We protect more than that which the eye can see

2022 During Summer , Ekskomisarų Biuras presented a special offer for those who purchased their services. The campaign focused on the emotional reactions of people to a home burglary and the destruction of personal belongings. The emotional and moral angle was chosen, with the view of informing the public as widely as possible about the special offer and boosting sales, because it is imperative for the public to understand the importance of home security.


To effectively inform the public about the special offer available from Ekskomisarų Biuras, to boost sales and to increase the brand awareness.


The campaign has been implemented across various communication channels:

  • Innovative and digital JCDecaux outdoor advertising on the most popular pedestrian paths in Vilnius;
  • Radio ad and game with prizes for listeners on the M-1 radio station;
  • Social media campaign with influencers (Orestas Vaigauskas and Džilda Vaigauskienė);
  • Campaign banners on three internet sites (Delfi, 15min and Žmonės) and a search engine (Google);
  • Article on three internet sites (www.delfi.ltandwww.15min.lt) and visual advertising in the Žmonės and Investuok magazines.

The campaign implementation has been a success, drawing a lot of user interest, with the content reaching an audience of more than 9.4 million users.

Interesting facts

<552 000
Contacts achieved through outdoor advertising

<411 000
Listeners reached through radio broadcasts

<8 100 000
How many times the banners were displayed, bringing <12 000 visitors to the customer’s website .

<200 000
Users on social media, with 2,409 clicks generated on the website link

100 000
Readers saw the visual advertising in magazines

<94 000
Users reached by the influencers


Ekskomisarų biuras


Junior account manager Erika Mičiulienė


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