30th Anniversary of Electrolux in Lithuania

On 8 July 2022, the Swedish home appliance manufacturer Electrolux celebrated its 30th Anniversary in Lithuania. To recognise its growth in our country’s market. and to thank its customers for their long-term loyalty, the multinational brand decided to implement an integrated communication campaign. The campaign, which was planned and implemented by the Berta& team, not only successfully reached a wide audience and thereby marked this important anniversary, but also increased the general awareness of the brand across Lithuania.


To communicate Electrolux’s 30th Anniversary in Lithuania as widely as possible, while underscoring the changes that took place over this period of time, including the growth of the brand and the prevalence of the company’s products in our homes, while also mentioning its latest and most innovative products.

To thank the company’s customers for their loyalty and to organize a giveaway with Electrolux products as the prizes.


The campaign was carried out across various communication channels including Lithuania’s two most popular radio stations, M-1 and Lietus, the internet sites www.lrytas.lt and www.delfi.lt, magazine “L’officiel”, and the social media accounts of the Electrolux brand ambassadors, Vaida Kurpienė and Toma Šokelė. Different communication tools were chosen in view of the defined campaign goals, and in order to achieve as much publicity as possible. They included ads and games on radio stations, articles and banner ads on internet sites, visual advertising in magazines, and advertising and prize giveaways on the social media accounts of influencers.

The campaign implementation was a success, introducing the brand and its products to the market, while attracting a lot of interest, and the content reaching an audience of more than 3.4 million users.

Interesting facts

<700 000
The number of radio listens reached during the campaign

<2 600 000
The reader audience reached on internet sites

<12 000
People saw the L’Officiel print ad

<169 000
People were reached by the influencers

10 radio listeners won Electrolux prizes, including the 2 main prizes of Well Q Cordless Vacuum Cleaners



Project team:

Senior account manager Greta Lopetkaitė, junior account manager Erika Mičiulienė


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