JUNG: Experience what “smart living” means

One of the key areas of JUNG Vilnius’s activity is the implementation of smart home systems. A decade ago, the company was one of the first to offer its customers smart solutions of a kind that had only been seen in films. Certain functions could be voice- or motion-controlled, and were accessible via apps, etc., which made it difficult to fully understand what “smart living” truly means. It was precisely this “intangible” aspect of the product that hindered its sales, which is why the JUNG Showroom was opened in Vilnius in 2021. It is the first showroom for smart home systems in Eastern Europe, where a single visit is enough for visitors to experience what smart living means and to explore the full range of JUNG products in person.


  • To increase awareness of the JUNG Showroom and to encourage people to visit it in person.
  • To demonstrate and educate consumers about the benefits of smart technologies in real-life settings.
  • To sustain the position of the brand as a market leader and an expert in smart home systems.

Admittedly, the COVID-19 restrictions on closed spaces, households and close contact resulted in significant revisions to the initial JUNG Showroom launch plan. This made us seek alternatives and ways to successfully attain the defined goals.


  • The JUNG Showroom content was displayed more than 618,000 times , reaching 80% of the targeted B2B audience and almost 68% of the B2C audience.
  • Some 20,000 engagements were generated, with an average engagement indicator per unit of content at 7%.
  • The ad memorability indicator was more than 9% (compared to the usual indicator of ~6%).
  • The 5-video series with Alfas Ivanauskas was viewed about 63,000 times, reaching more than 70,000 users.
  • The JUNG Showroom was visited by more than 500 people during the campaign (including both B2C and the B2B audiences); it received even more queries.
  • Some 300 jointly-created original posts from the JUNG Showroom were posted on social media.
  • More than 10 queries concerning comments, visits, etc., were received from the media. Also, 4 content integrations were implemented during the campaign.

The campaign won 2nd place in the Digital Communication Campaign category at the PR Impact Awards 2022, an annual competition for communication projects.

Interesting facts

9 %
Ad memorability indicator

>10 000
Direct queries from media channels received

618 000
Content displays for B2B and B2C audiences (TA was reached in 80% and 68% of cases, respectively)


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