Increasing awareness and sales of the Rilastil brand

The long-established Italian dermatological skincare brand Rilastil, and the products that it represents, remain relatively unknown and “undiscovered” by Lithuanians. The aim of this campaign was not only to present this brand to the target audience in Lithuania, but also to boost its sales during the festive season, both online and in the physical stores. The integrated two-month marketing campaign included communication and ads on social media (Facebook and Instagram), banner ads on the news site Delfi and the Adnet Media network, digital outdoor ads on the JCDecaux display network in the city of Vilnius, press releases and influencer communication.


To increase the Rilastil brand awareness among the target audience, and to position Rilastil as one of the best ways to invest into high-quality skincare and boost the sales figures of the Aqua and Hydrotenseur product lines.


  • There was a total of 209,708 engagements with the social media campaign content (including a traffic campaign, dark and organic posts, videos, etc.), with the overall campaign engagement rate reaching 11%.
  • A total of 6,255,309 displays and 33,348 clicks on banner ads were generated on the Delfi and the Adnet Media network.
  • The ads displayed on 39 JCDecaux digital advertising areas in Vilnius for 2 weeks were shown 393,046 times.
  • The communications generated by 8 influencers on Instagram (8 posts and 131 stories) reached 26,705 real users.
  • 2 press releases generated 15 articles in national, regional and specialised news sites, with a total potential reach of more than 700,000 real users*.
  • Rilastil’s own data also indicated growth in the sales figures of the promoted Aqua and Hydrotenseur product lines over the course of the campaign.

* Based on Gemius Audience overall daily real users count.

Interesting facts

>>200,000 Interactions
with the social media content

Clicks on banner ads that led to a viewer purchasing Rilastil cosmetics

This was the size of the audience of real Instagram users reached during the campaign


Siromed Pharma

Project Team:

Account manager Greta Lopetkaitė, social media account manager Monika Baltakė


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