The Berta&Hackathon is an innovative, non-standard and creative way to attract the attention of the young generation and, from there, to identify prospective employees among the pool of Lithuanian students. The students also had an opportunity to deal with a real-life communication scenario and apply their theoretical knowledge in practice, as well as to receive expert advice and practice networking with professionals. On top of that, the student team with the best performance was awarded with a prize of 1,500 €.


  • To identify prospective candidates for junior specialist positions in the Agency.
  • To build relationships with the community of communication students, and to demonstrate leadership in building a network of like-minded people.
  • To sustain the image of Berta&Agency as an attractive, open and innovative employer of the future.


  • A total of 60 students (20 teams) from Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda and Utena signed up for the Berta&Hackathon.
  • A total of 25 posts were published over the course of one month, reaching an audience of 74,000 people (the advertising budget was 320 €).
  • Facebook posts doubled, reaching a total of 250,000 displays with a 4% engagement.
  • LinkedIn” posts doubled organically, reaching a total of almost 20,000, while the engagement grew by more than 10 times, from 3.77% to 45.64%!
  • 4 press releases were published on DELFI, Lithuania’s largest news site with more than 650,000 daily visitors (source: gemiusRatingdata for October toNovember 2021).). An additional 320 unique click on links to the articles generated on Berta& social media channels.
  • The landing page was viewed 545 times, with the average time spent on views amounting to 5 minutes.
  • The interest an internship at the agency grew noticeably higher after the project, with 2 participants joining the Berta& team.

Interesting facts

students (20 teams) signed up within a relatively short period of time

74 000
This was the size of the target audience reached on social media media.

10 x
increase reached organically on LinkedIn

new hires and a significantly increased interest in internships at the agency


Event organizers "Purslai"


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