Launch of Clever, a private brand, in the Lithuanian market

Clever is a new private brand owned by the supermarket chain IKI, which is replacing the Cento product line that had previously dominated the chain’s low-price category. . By employing a range of communication tools, including a content project on 15min, one of Lithuania’s largest news sites, press releases, as well as advertorials on regional media outlets and social media, we sought to present the new brand hitting the IKI supermarket shelves as attractively as possible, to the widest possible audience. The communication angle we opted for was recipes using Clever products, thus demonstrating the wide variety of products and their high quality. The two influencers picked for the campaign were the authors of the blogs Kitchen Julie and But First Food, who provided an additional impetus to the campaign, by spreading messages about the new brand on their personal channels.


To launch the new private brand in the Lithuanian market, while underscoring the high quality and wide range of products available at an affordable price. Also, to increase customer interest in the new brand of products from different categories, encouraging people to purchase them.


  • The content project titled “Cook Smart” reached 800,000 real site visitors over the course of 3.5 weeks.
  • The articles published within the content project were read 48,000 times in total.
  • The videos within the articles were viewed almost 4,000 times.
  • More than 3,000 site visitors took part in the dedicated internet survey.
  • An audience of 82,000 was reached via the channels of the participating influencers.
  • Advertorials were published in 9 main regional newspapers, with a total print circulation of 80,000 copies.
  • 1 press release was issued, reaching 10 different media channels.

Interesting facts

Real site visitors to the content project

How many times the articles were read on the content project

Users reached on social media



Project Team:

Senior account manager Kristina Sušinskaitė


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