Field trips to Lithuanian farms under the “IKI Sodinčius” programme

IKI Sodinčius is a social corporate responsibility project operated by the IKI supermarket chain, which is intended to educate kids about fruit and vegetables by encouraging them to maintain a healthy diet from their early childhood. The project involved field trips for kindergarten children to Lithuania’s largest farms, where the kids could learn more about locally-grown vegetables and fruit. By visiting the country’s farmers, the children not only learned about the varieties of vegetables and fruit grown there, but could also see the fields for themselves and get involved in various types of farm work.


To increase the contribution of the social responsibility project operated on behalf of IKI to developing healthy dietary habits at a young age.


  • A total of 5 educational trips were organised for groups of children from kindergartens in Vilnius, Radviliškis, Panevėžys, Kretinga and Pasvalys, allowing more than 100 kids to learn more about various fruits and vegetables.
  • A press release was issued to the media, which resulted in 9 articles on internet sites. The press release also appeared on the country’s largest internet sites, Delfi and Lrytas.
  • Articles about the children’s experiences during the field trips were published on 5 regional media publications.
  • The total audience reached on different media channels exceeded 1.8 million users.
  • A video clip about the children’s field trips was posted on the supermarket chain’s Facebook account, where it was viewed more than 35,000 times. times.

Interesting facts

Users reached via media channels

Views of video clips from the children’s visits to the farms

Kindergarten children went on field trips to the farms




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