Well Q6/Q7/Q8 cordless vacuum cleaners campaign

During the campaign, we selected 74 influencers in Lithuania, who enabled us to reach different target audiences ranging from families and trend followers, to interior designers, car lovers and pet owners. After having tried using the new Electrolux Well Q6/Q7/Q8 cordless vacuum cleaners, the influencers/brand ambassadors participating in the campaign by shared their experiences on their Facebook. and Instagram accounts in February to June, telling their followers about their favourite functions and explaining the advantages of this cordless vacuum cleaner in real-life situations. The campaign was carried out in all Baltic countries.


To spread the message about the new Electrolux Well Q6/Q7/Q8 cordless vacuum cleaners as far as possible in Lithuania, while underscoring its superior design, functionalities and convenience, and making these cordless vacuum cleaners the best-selling product in their category.


The communication campaign was carried out using multiple types of content display and audience engagement formats,

  • including stories, posts and the increasingly popular reelsfunction. The content created by the influencers during the campaign (a total of 1,127 content units) was viewed more than 3.3 million times.
  • The conscious choice of different campaign faces enabled us to reach a wide and diverse target audience, including families, trend followers, pet owners and those interested in interior design, or who were looking to buy a new vacuum cleaner.

The campaign implementation was a success, with the newly-launched product drawing a lot of interest and followers, often inquiring about how and where it could be purchased.

Interesting facts

Influencers involved in the campaign in Lithuania

Published content units

> 3,300,000.
Content views



Project Team:

Account manager Dovilė Rusytė, assistant Vilda Juknaitė


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