Updating the visual identity of the Lithuanian Human Rights Centre

We helped our agency’s pro bono partner, the Lithuanian Human Rights Centre (LHRC), which has been doing great work in Lithuania for nearly two decades now, with a visual refresh. Working together, we settled on the idea that we are each surrounded by an environment consisting of all our beliefs, guiding ideas and dreams, and that these environments need not clash when we meet one another. On the contrary – they can merge and draw out the best in us all. In the exact same way, the Lithuanian Human Rights Centre seeks to spread tolerance and to nurture respect for diversity. It is this idea that found an expression in the new LHRC logo and its visual identity.


The old LHRC logo was designed back in 2014, so the key objective of this project was to breathe new life into it and create a distinctive visual identity for the LHRC that remained true to its core values. In designing the updated visual identity, we sought to maintain a close synergy between the philosophical foundation of human rights and the visual implementation.


  • The project involved renewing the LHRC logo.
  • Creating the LHRC brand book.
  • The updated visual identity was adapted for the newly-built LHRC website, social media accounts and other communication tools of the Centre.
  • In accordance with the newly-created LHRC visual identity, the country’s main website on the topic of human rights, Manoteises.lt, which is run by the Centre, also received a refresh.


Lithuanian Human Rights Center (LŽTC)

Project team:

Designer Vytenis Vincentas Kazlas


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