Self-checks of hearing at BENU pharmacies, powered by Audiomedika

Hearing problems have yet to receive the attention they deserve in Lithuania, with the hearing of patients not checked regularly enough, and long waits at the country’s clinics. That is why Audiomedika, with its partners Philips Hearing Solutions and the BENU pharmacy network and its communication partner Berta&Agency, installed 3 hearing self-check points at three BENU pharmacies in Vilnius and Kaunas this past May. The project involved an integrated one-month communication campaign.

This pilot project to install hearing self-check points is the first of its kind in Europe. The second country to be involved was Greece, where similar hearing self-check points were installed in pharmacies this summer.

During a dedicated BTL campaign, customers at the BENU pharmacy in Vilnius had a chance to learn about these special hearing self-check devices.


To raise public awareness of hearing issues and invite the public to check their own hearing in pharmacies, as well as encouraging those with hearing problems to register for help.


  • The devices for hearing self-checks were installed in three pharmacies, making it possible for 200 people a month to check their hearing.
  • Outdoor advertising was displayed 771,625 times in Vilnius and Kaunas.
  • Google Trends indicated a 27% growth of interest in the Audiomedika services in Kaunas County.
  • The promotion garnered interest from Lithuania’s 3 largest news sites,, and, all of which published articles about the initiative.

Interesting facts

Self-checks of hearing were performed

~30 %
Growth of interest in the Audiomedika services in Kaunas County


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