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Given the fact that the target group is very slow to get involved in community-based activities and is losing the motivation to work, learn and improve, it is important to get it engaged them and provide ample information on the activities that are available. To raise awareness that volunteering/community-based activities are beneficial to those engaged in this group, and awareness that doing so benefits the society at large, we created and implemented a communication campaign titled “All of Us Can Find the Time: Go Volunteer”.


To help the target group – those aged 54 and beyond – understand that volunteering/community-based activities are beneficial to them on a personal level Also, to ensure that the target group knows where they can realise their potential without pay, by sharing their knowledge and experience, and by leading a more active lifestyle. To encourage this age group to volunteer, get involved in community-based activities or to otherwise share their knowledge with the younger generation, without the expectation of payment. The campaign involved ads, articles, a series of radio shows and other related tools.


  • The campaign included 1 video clip, 2 radio ads, 20 articles, 15 radio shows, banner ads of various sizes, Facebook posts and a text for an interactive stand, and participation in 5 community events.
  • The video clip was shown 150 times on LNK TV, reaching 600 TRP.
  • The video clip was also displayed on the screens in Maxima stores, where it was shown 395,000 times and reached 8.7 million contacts.
  • The radio ads were broadcast 100 times on the Lietus and LRT radio stations.
  • The articles on the 15min site were read 77,000 times. times.
  • The banner ads were displayed 4 million times, generating a total of 3,250 clicks.
  • The test created for Facebook was displayed 696,000 times and seen by 142,000 users, with 13,500 users proceeding to complete it.

Interesting facts

3 %
increase in the proportion of the target audience agreeing that volunteering / community-based activities were beneficial to them personally

2 %
A 2% increase in the proportion of the target audience stating that they had volunteered, engaged in community-based activities or otherwise shared their knowledge and experience without pay, during the last 3 to 6 months

Project team:

Account manager Milda Jankauskytė


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